Causes Of Stress In College Essay

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College is like riding a bike. If you're reading this for the first time as a freshman, you'd probably assume the statement speaks of the journey of college as difficult in the beginning but surprisingly enjoyable by the end. If this is your assumption, congratulations: you are misguided. The statement "college is like riding a bike" lacks a few words. College is like riding a bike, except there are no handlebars, the bike is on fire, you're on fire and everything else is on fire because now you're in hell. Welcome to college by the way. Now, let's get down to business. Whether, from family, teachers or even alumni of their former high schools, almost all soon-to-be-freshmen hear the same words about college: classes will end early therefore…show more content…
Both studies have similar results, but the top cause of stress vary between the two studies. The Rose-Hulman study showed the top cause of stress was the adjustment to the new educational environment with 89% of its participants stating this as their main cause of stress. While my study showed that the top cause of stress was the grade requirement with 90% of my participants stating this as their main cause of stress. The reason these studies were used as data was due to their similar results, despite slight variation in the top ranking cause of stress. I'll explain each cause of stress. Let's begin with grade requirements. Did you know a 0.01 point difference in GPA; is the difference between staying or being kicked out? Freshmen cringe at the thought of GPA's for this reason. One wrong move could mean ending their chances at landing a dream job. If a grade, however, subpar in a subject. Freshmen need not worry. This only means pouring all their blood, sweat, and tears into this subject for the next semester; sacrificing all their free time to study, and offering their souls to a deity for a passing GPA.Everybody would be able to pass if they just do tasks satisfactorily, surely high
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