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Serial killers have been around for centuries and centuries to come. Some have been discovered, some left unknown and never caught. Serial killers are psychotic individuals who kidnap, torture, and murder others for pleasure. Kidnapping is usually associated with serial killers. Kidnapping is one of their main “drives”; the thrill of how they operate. Serial killers enjoy the surprise and shock they give the victims when they are abducted. Some examples of notorious serial killers that kidnapped their victims are, Jeffrey Dahmer and Pedro Alonzo Lopez. Jeffrey Dahmer kidnapped his victims by going to gay bars and drugging the men he was after so he could easily persuade them to leave with him. One of Dahmer’s biggest fantasies was to get a hitchhiker…show more content…
He then covered it with plywood and made sure that he set heavy sandbags on top of it. After leaving the girl down there for awhile he poured water into the hole and electrocuted her. He repeated the process multiple times before actually killing the girl. One died the first time he electrocuted her, but it was not what he intended to do ("Home | TheLip.tv."). A final example is Andrei Chikatilo. After luring his victims into nearby wooded areas he would attempt to rape them and use his knife to mutilate whoever he chose. After he killed those people, both male and female, he would cut out their eyes, remove their sexual organs, the tips of their noses, and even cut out their tongues (Bio.com). There has been an estimate of eighty percent of the four hundred serial killers in the past century who have emerged since 1950. This leads into how many have been caught, how many are still on the loose, how many were never caught, and how many are yet to be discovered. Serial killers typically murder three or more people and have what they refer to as “a resting period” (“How Serial Killers Work”). In between these resting period, or even

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