Factors Affecting Procurement In Construction

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1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Task 1 3.1 Introduction for Procurement Methods The procedure adopted to procure construction work is regarded as the procurement method of any construction project. According to the (John Murdoch, 2000), the procurement method of a construction project defined as “The characteristic pattern of participant’s involvement, and the deposition of risks among them constitute the procurement method or procurement system for a project”. Strategies for the procurement of building projects have not changed significantly in the last 25 years, though time and cost overruns are still prevalent throughout the industry (Smith, 2001). As client objectives and priorities…show more content…
Therefore the method that satisfies the client’s need and the project characteristics is the most appropriate procurement method. In theoretical terms it can be further embedded as best-fit procurement strategy based on the project characteristics, acceptable distribution of risk and client’s requirement. i) Level of the knowledge and involvement of the client with the construction process The two extremes of the client’s involvement is either to be involved in the day to day basis or let the project team handle the process and pay them when it is satisfactorily completed. Among the above two extremes the decision would depend on the client’s previous experience in the industry and on the responsiveness of the client’s organization. Appointment of a knowledgeable person responsible for decision making is essential if the client is willing to be involved in the process in order to ensure smooth and timely functioning of the process. The procurement method to be chosen is depend on the extent to which the client wants to be involved in the…show more content…
That is because of its characteristics values which supports at every angle from the early stages. Constructability is improved due to the participation of contractor at the design stage. Therefore errors due to misunderstandings reduce much as possible and it will help to control additional cost and the time. On the other hand employer has only one firm to deal with since the responsibility usually under a single point and it reduces the need to commit resources and time to contracting designers and contractors separately. The design and construct approach also allows to start construction as early as possible since the design and the construction can be performed

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