The Pros And Cons Of Private Prisons

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In the past few years, the United States prison population has rapidly increased every year. The cost of the overpopulation in prison is affecting the nation’s economy and the government is spending too much money on prisons that are mostly supported by taxpayers. The governments have turned to private prisons to hopefully spend less money and decrease overcrowding of prisons. The increase of population in prisons contributes to overcrowding and this causes the government to spend more money on convicted convicts. The cost of prisons are rapidly increasing every year and taxpayers are suffering. The type of security the inmates are placed into determines how much taxpayers and government spend. Nancy La Vigne and Julue Samuels states in their…show more content…
Average annual cost per inmate housed in community corrections (residential reentry center and home confinement) for BOP are $25,838. By contrast, the annual cost of supervision by probation officers in the community is about $3,433 per offender. (Vigne and Samuels 2) Vigne and Samuel proves that the average cost of placing an inmate in a federal prison depends on the type of security they are placed is expensive. In contrast, placing an inmate in private prisons cost less than placing an inmate in public prisons. Since private prisons do not house any maximum-security, death row, juveniles to adult, or mental health or medical condition inmates, the per-diem rates for not housing these types of inmates is low. Because of the increasing population in prisons and jails, the government has built more correctional facilities to avoid overcrowding. The construction of incarceration facilities are expensive and the type of security level (e.g. maximum, minimum), types of inmates, housing, and weapons used by correctional officers determines how much money is being spent. Adrian T. Moore states in his article “Private Prisons: Quality Correctional at a Lower

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