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Identity Theft: The security of your Identity is not really that safe Hugo Tong DeVry University I. Introduction A. Topic 1) Research Question: Identity theft is affecting a lot of individuals in the world, how do you know you’re not being watched when shopping online? 2) Working thesis: Identity theft is preventable not avoidable when shopping online there are a few key factors to look out for before making a checkout to prevent identity theft which is the security provider , the ratings and comments of shops ,the method of payment and what kind of shop you’re shopping from. 3) Angle: Identity theft is becoming a dire problem to individuals who shop online as technology advancements are greater every day. Hackers can steal information easily from unsafe shopping stores…show more content…
Context 1) Online shopping issues happen to have a person’s identity to be involved by it being revealed to hackers. 2) Even so being an individual with novice computer skills, I hope to expand my further knowledge on what is happening in the cyber world and what can be done to contribute it being safer. Ideas from Shin (2014), and Smith (2014), will help prove and establish my credibility. C. Audience 1) My Primary audience will be people who are unaware of the danger of shopping in unsecure websites and computer enthusiast. 2) My secondary audience will be my professor and fellow classmates, Also victims of identity theft which can relate and contribute to the topic. 3) My audience will share my thoughts and information and will likely be on my side if they agree with me. Some might not and contribute their thought. II. Evidence A. Research collected so far I have found an article which will support on what I and the authors find as safe web browsing and shopping habits. The government did its part on catching hackers and putting them in custody, But it is time for where internet users themselves to practice safe web browsing as well as safe online shopping. B. Research to be

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