Face Of The World Art Analysis

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Art essay Faces around the world in art. Exploring the face of the world through textured and realistic techniques My year works are around the theme: Faces of the World: seeing different cultures: showing how different people really are: how people grow through certain experiences and how it gets portrayed through various mediums. Faces show how people are, how they are doing. It shows what they feeling and what they are going through at that point in time. It shows their emotions, how they feel about certain things like hard times or happy times. How Stephie Butler's textured and realistic techniques have been embraced in my art piece My face of the old black man. Old Man Part 1(Image A), focusing of the face of the world theme, it has two main very important aspects to it and there are more. One is the actual face of the man, he is quiet old and has seen and learnt a lot through the years and should be commemorated for this surviving through good and bad times. The wrinkles on his face almost symbolizes hard times he has been…show more content…
She also shows the african traditions by portraying this lady with her full tradition necklaces, the background also shows where this lady is and that’s in a place where the sun is bright and it looks hot because we see blue which is the sky but then we seen a lot of white which could mean we looking into the sun looking at this lady. The white could also resemble things we don’t know about this lady’s past. The lady looks to be dressed up as if it is for some occasion. If we think if African culture it is probably a celebration of some sort. It could also be a sad day for some reason and that’s why the background is white and she is looking downwards. In this single painting there is many different emotions and meanings and the artist has left it open for the viewer to decide on what they think it means and what they feel while looking at the
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