Leonardo Da Vinci Last Supper Essay

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NAME: DOUGLAS LIM JUN SIANG MATRIC NUMBER: U1430621A ART HISTORIES 1 RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT 5. Renaissance During the Renaissance there was a quest for l’uomo universal. Michelangelo and/ or Leonardo da Vinci, (it has been argued) got as near to that goal as anyone. Discuss the meaning of this statement and using specific examples from one of these artists (not both) highlight what is meant by this. The context of where and when he was working is important, as are his peers. Thesis statement: Leonardo Da Vinci was the one who got closer to the quest for I’uomo universal as he was given a nickname “Renaissance man” during his lifetime because of his work accomplishment in painting, sculpting, engineering and biological work. The key term…show more content…
ITALY – CIRCA 1498: Last Supper (Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images) Leonardo Da Vinci experimented with new techniques and styles while painting the last supper. The Last Supper is a realistic painting that focuses on reality. Formal Analysis of The Last Supper: The Last Supper is a painting of Tempera, an older artistic technique. Leonardo's Last Supper was painted using oil and tempera mix to a dry wall. Leonardo used three techniques for creating this masterpiece. Those techniques consist of a vanishing point, chiaroscuro, and the focal point. Regardless of where the viewer stands, Jesus is always at the center of the painting, this is because of the used of a vanishing point. This technique is composed of diagonal lines that converge to one focus point. In the last supper, the vanishing point draws the spectators’ eyes toward Jesus and the vanishing point. In addition, Leonardo used the study of light and shadow which plays a significant role in the last supper. A specific technique used is Chiaroscuro, which provides a sense of softness and natural feeling to the painting by using different shades of tones. For example, on the face of Phillip, one of the apostles, the delicate Chiaroscuro shading is

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