Business Model Comparative Analysis

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The representatives of the first trend can be attributed to M Morris ,Michael Lewis, Karan Giotra , Alex Osterwalder , P. Weill , Y. Pigneur. These authors, considering the business model as a tool of analysis activities of firms used in the management of lead various components / elements that can be used to describe a business model The authors of the above papers present the business model as a process describe a complete picture of the business; 1) They represent the business model as an integrated business process describe a holistic picture of business 2) Bring A list of the components that make up the business mode 3) determine the form of description of the business model Given the above, we make the following definition…show more content…
As a source of innovation business model can be used to describe the possible future options, the company's new strategies, new concepts for the company's business, as well as for experimentation A visual representation of the business model of the company will allow

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