Peace Like A River Escalation Research Paper

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Escalation gives a conflict a way to build up and peak in the middle. Escalation is defined in conflict, but can also be presented in good ways like when a person practices for a sport or studies hard for a test they are about to take. Escalation tells a story in different points of view and shows how one event leads to another. The plot in a story is the main point and possibly the biggest part in a story and escalation falls right in the middle of the plot. Escalation builds up over time then peaks and drops all of a sudden. The verb escalation is important because it means to increase in intensity, escalation is in significant in everyday life because it shows how one thing leads to another, in Peace Like a River escalation plays an important role in the story’s plot.…show more content…
Escalation in a general form means to rise and go higher than the starting point. Escalation is a term that explains how one event or thing leads to another. The verb “to escalate” comes from the French word escalade. ( defines the verb escalation as “to become worse or to make something worse” Positive connotations of the verb “to escalate” are when a bank account grows bigger, negative connotations are when the prices of food or gas escalate. Escalation is an action that keeps getting bigger when one thing leads to another until someone stops

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