Analyzing Ellen Degeneres Speech

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llen DeGeneres gave a speech on May 16 to acknowledge the class of 2009 as they graduated. Within her speech, she tries to convey to her audiences how genuine she is. Ellen connects with the audience by using her personal experiences to be more relatable with the graduate’s students. She becomes emotional and uses her sense of humor to get the audience to feel more comfortable. In her speech Ellen uses pathos to appeal to the audiences’ emotions. Secondly, DeGeneres’s speech tone varies from humorous to serious to forthright; Ellen decided to transition the tone of her speech in order to modify her words as the examples she was applying. Thirdly, she uses ethos in order to gain credibility within the audience and perhaps empathize with myself. She is trustworthy, fair and most importantly she knows what she is saying. No matter what her life struggles put her through, Ellen always found a way to succeed…show more content…
“I am not saying you wasted your time, or money, but look at me. I’m a huge celebrity…when I finished school, I was completely lost… I had not ambitions; I didn’t know what I wanted to do. “(¶26-28, 42-43, 45-46). DeGeneres changes the mood of her commencement as her speech moves on toward an end; Although, at the beginning, her speech might seem to be humorous as an entertaining way for the students during the ceremony, DeGeneres decided to become serious and empathize how she did not know what she wanted to do with her life at around the same age the majority of the students were graduating that night. Also, she is very frank when her words describe the insecurity her hearts hide as when she was young and inexperienced in life. Nevertheless, the catastrophic event of DeGeneres girlfriends death ‘brought her with the forces, as to what today, has motivated her to become the huge recognize and credible celebrity she has been known

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