Guns Germs And Steel Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter 1- The Root of Evil: The author describes and introduces the parents of the witch. The parents are Frexspar and Melena, who both love in Rush Margins, Munchkinland. Melena is pregnant and she is complaining about how big she is getting. Frexspar isn’t so interested in his first child because he is a minister and has to give a sermon today. The wife goes outside to do some chores and to relax her she sings and is thinking about her new baby boy. During breakfast they get into a small fight because Melena was hoping to stay with her husband for labor, but he is leaving her alone. Frex thinks that a sermon is better than childbirth and e explains this on page 10, “to fail in the cause of a high moral concern was satisfying to him. How could it compare with the flesh, blood, mess, and noise of having a baby?” (Volume 1, chapter 1, page 10, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West) Chapter 2- The Clock of the Time Dragon: While Flex is out he asked a few women to stop by and check on Melena. He’s not such a bad man after all. Then, Flex stopped by a tree to read some letters from a minister concerning the Clock of the Time Dragon. Frex’s fellow minister describes in his letter how one of the Clock’s shows depicted a man having sex with a local widow and her…show more content…
Melena is making fun Nanny’s animal anxiety. Nanny tells Melena "[…] if you don't give her the weapons and armor with which she can defend herself against scorn, she'll make your life miserable as hers will be miserable." (Volume 1, Chapter 7, page 48, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West) Nanny wins the argument and Melena and Elphaba go over to the neighbor’s house. The neighbor is Gawnette and she has a lot of kids. Gawnette is a gossip and she tells Melena about “the Quadling” living at her house. Nanny yells at Elphaba and the other kids from throwing rocks, shoving, and

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