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Timing You will get only five minutes to cover all the tasks. You have to make a plan of the role play before you start. Think of it as if it is a writing task. You make a plan of what you can write about first, second and third and you work out the beginning and ending. It’s the same for the role play. The important thing is to get into the role play instantly. Under normal circumstances you would probably ask ‘ How are you today?’ and follow with some small talk but in this case you don’t have time. Demonstrate Communication skills If you have four tasks to cover, you have around a minute each. That leaves you with 1 minute to finish the role play off. That’s not much time for each point so it’s very important that you are in control…show more content…
Relative says she can never find a nurse to talk to and has just walked up to you in the corridor. Third example is a caregiver or resident in a nursing home tells that his or her belongings have been stolen and no-one is doing anything about it. You haven’t heard anything about the situation. Fourth situation is of a mother with sick child and is annoyed because other people have been seen before her child. Her child has a minor injury but is not given preference. These are the sorts of situations which can take you off your plan for the role play. It’s important to address the issue but at the same time you have to get the role play ‘back on track’. Practice some of the ways you can do this so that the patient or caregiver doesn’t think that you are ‘putting them off’. For instance, in first example empathize with angry person and in the second example apologize to relative without making…show more content…
As it gets to 4 minutes into the role play start winding down. You need to signpost to the patient that the conversation is nearly over. Sometimes this seems complicated if you have not covered everything you want to say. Some of the ways you can begin the ‘ending process’ are by summarizing which is particularly important if you have talked about something which needs reviewing in the future. For first example, you can say that “OK. We’ve talked about your concerns about your mother’s care. I have explained the new dressings which we’ll start tomorrow. I will call you in the next week to let you know how the dressings are going. If you have any other queries about your mother you can call me at the community health centre. Is that OK?’ Give the patient a Patient Information Leaflet and suggest they call the ward/community health centre etcetera if they have any more questions. PILs are available for almost every condition and provide information about treatment and aftercare. I have covered the important points with you but sometimes it’s hard to take it all in. I have got a patient information leaflet here for you to take home. If you have any other questions you can call on the given number on the leaflet and they will help you. Remember that the OET role play is like a small section of an entire discussion which could take 20 minutes. LinguaSoft EduTech Private Limited, Chandigarh provides training for OET exam. The unique

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