Explain How To Provide A Safe And Healthy Learning Environment For Children

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In my program I provide a safe and healthy learning environment for my infants and toddlers by making sure everything is safe and clean. I’ll make every effort to prevent any injuries and accidents. A few examples are; I’ll check all supplies and equipment before use, have a list of all procedures for fires and/or any other emergencies, making sure all first-aid supplies are adequate supply and only adults are able to get to it. Also, ensuring that there is always adult supervision. Also provide a good role model to the children for healthy habits I will teach them how to cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing and teach them the correct way to wash their hands when needed during breakfast and lunch I will serve the children nutritious foods they are not forced to eat but encouraged to try everything also I will sit with them at the table and eat with them the exact same thing that I want bring healthy foods every day and make them into an activity or game by having fun with it we will have fun by making designs with the foods on our plates and also learning new things about the food. Is there will be organized to meet the development still needs of the children by putting the toys and art supplies were the children can get it when…show more content…
One of the many things I find important is for the children to get all of their calcium and vitamins they need to grow. For an example in my young infants they may only drink their formula/ breast milk, but I will make sure that they get the appropriate amount for their age and weight. The mobile infants will begin to eat soft foods so they can get all the nutrition that they need and build their jaw muscles so when they become old enough, they can chew better, that way when they start to eat everyday food they’ll be ready. Also, when there are new foods we’ll learn about them together, and also try them. If they don’t like it that’s fine, but if they do that’s

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