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Competency Statement I To Establish and maintain a safe healthy learning environment CSI 1.1: As a early childhood teacher, I believe that is my first and more important responsibility to create and maintain a safe and functional environment for our children by making sure of that every single hazard have been remove from the environment. In this age group, experimenting and curiosity go hand to hand, which make very important to provide attentive supervision every child and intervene immediately when the children are doing something that can be dangerous, like climbing on the shelves. Keep the children busy with activities that interest the children and are fun, will help keep a safe environment. When preparing the activities, I will make sure that the materials are age appropriate and non-toxic. CSI 1.2: I will provide a healthy environment to my children by making sure that our classroom, toys and anything that the children play with is clean and sanitize daily and when needed. In this age group, I feel that to ensure a healthy environment in our classroom, cleaning is priority. Removing any toy that the children have put on their mouth, touch with dirty hand or we suspect to be dirty in a container out of the children reach labeled as “Dirty Toys”. These toys are clean at the end of the day with soap solution…show more content…
Communications is essential for the safety of the children and keep a good consistency in the classroom. In my classroom I like to keep the information of the children and/or activities floating and inform management of any situation we may have. When incidents or accident occur in the classroom a document is written to inform them about what happen. This document is sign by me or the teacher who observe the situation, management and the parents. From my part, I like to give a copy of the document to the

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