Personal Statement: Teaching Is My Passion In Education

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Teaching is not just a job that I perform because I expect a reward at the end of the month. Teaching is my passion. I feel extremely satisfied with every successful lesson. As a teacher, I feel that I’ am connected to my students’ lives and I have a direct influence on them. I teach because I admire education and I want to make a difference in that domain. I want to help humanity, and teaching gives me a great opportunity to do so. I’ am passionate about educating my students, I work with them, motivate them, and inspire them to learn. I use different strategies and methods to engage them and share the knowledge with them. To me, teaching is like nurturing seeds and taking care of them until they bloom to grow strong trees. Thanks to my students…show more content…
It exists all around us, from preparing a recipe in the kitchen, to working with an experiment in the lab, to counting money, to measuring temperature and to calculate the average of our scores at school. Mathematics is the best achievement of human beings. When students seek an education that will prepare them for a bright future, mathematics is an obligatory subject. This discipline is broad, it is considered as the foundation of most of the work domains in engineering, medicine, accounting, teaching, art, etc… The main aim of education is to help children have a career in order to earn their living and be self-independent. Mathematics is an essential theory to help towards achieving this goal. It contributed a lot to the progress of the development of most of the careers. Architects use mathematics to draw and build bridges and skyscrapers, scientists use it to balance their chemical equations and accountants use it to calculate the profit. There are tens of disciplines in which mathematics contributed to their development. Medicines, houses, hospitals, bridges, cars, and schools are essential in our life. It is very obvious that every person needs to learn mathematics if he seeks to improve his living standards. Overall, the development of different disciplines will lead to the development of the society and the development of the standards of

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