Explain How Our Law System Came To Be In Your Own Words

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Step 1: Explain how our law system came to be in your own words. This is exactly how I look at law from beginning. It started back before we were even all born. When God told Moses what to write in the stones. He is the one that sat up all the laws of mankind and therefore the Bible was written. With the Bible, obviously man wrote it, which means man could create the laws with governments and politicians and presidents. When those types of people come together they can enforce the laws and create jobs for people we now call police officers to also enforce the laws. Yes, laws differ from each state, but are mostly the same. No killing, or stealing, and etc. laws are rules to make us safer and more in tuned with our higher calling. If you don’t know if it’s law or not just think of if I do this will I go to jail or get a ticket? If the answer is yes than that means it’s the law.…show more content…
A criminal charge can also be called a misdemeanor. These crimes are considered less serious. Some examples of this would be minor theft, traffic and drug violations. These crimes are usually handled with a fine or jail time but less than a year. The jail time would also likely be served in a state or city county jail. A felony is a way more serious crime and classified by degrees. Examples of felonies would murder, rape, etc. The jail time would be more than a year and served in a federal correctional jail. With felonies unlike criminal charges when you get out of jail it can definitely mess up your future regarding careers. Step 3: Give a recent example (within 3 years) from the news of a well-known unethical and criminal

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