Transhumanism Singularity Research Paper

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In the Bible, we have the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - the God of Israel, proclaiming His infinite immortality and wisdom, by conversing with His created world through His own Spirit, and even giving His Son for mankind. He has asked mankind to have faith in Him, to accept Him, to seek Him, and walk with Him resulting in eternal life. While the singularity movement (scientist attempting to achieve immortality through technology) is gaining momentum and pushing its own apex upwards though global interest and money, I find some of the technology claims slated for future development fascinating as well as frightening, especially now that scientist is making the case ofTranshumanism Singularity before the United Nations for support. Electro/Mechanical exoskeletons are already benefiting disabled individuals and many more medical breakthroughs appear to be around the corner. In fifteen years, certain scientists are claiming that mankind will be able to transfer an individual consciousness to man-made media. This opens the possibility of a transfer and of the editing capability an individual’s brain’s memory to other media, While possibly, at some point and time, back into the host. Is this sounding like a far-fetched idea? This is something that Singularity is striving to accomplish. Richard…show more content…
This touch is His Love, this touch is His Spirit; I wish that all would experience this extraordinary occurrence. This is the element that can transform souls of darkness, into souls shining with His Glorious light, if one allows. This is His Spirit that would calm and apprehend all hate, transgression, and violence performed by people operating in the wrong spirit. This is the Spirit that will bring everlasting righteousness spoken of in Daniel 9:24. This is His Holy Spirit that is able to conquer

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