Robert Wright's Journal Summary

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Wright found an article in the newspaper that started his curiosity, the story was about a man name Mencken which drove him to find out who this person was. He knew this person was a writer and his books would be in the library. He then set out to find his way around to accomplish his mission. Wright being a Negro was not allowed the freedom as a white man so he had to make a way around their system. He needed a library card which he was not allowed. He needed a book which the librarian would not allow him to have. And after getting them, reading without causing concern of the white men around him. Robert Wright arrived into the bank lobby one morning and found the newspaper with the bashing of M.L Mencken. Hearing a little about him, he knew he was an editor of the America Mercury. The article was a furious denunciation of this Mencken, saying he was a fool. With curiosity Wright went on a mission to find out more about this man, he wanted to know what this man had done to make the people of the south denounce him knowing he wasn’t a Negro. Why was one of the top newspaper castigating him publicly? He had to be saying something the public did not like.…show more content…
Not far from where he work was a big library, but being a Negro they was no way he can get the borrow books and so he put a plan together to get books and read about who this man was and why they are calling him a fool. He wonder who will help him to get this book, the white men he work with. Maybe his boss? Or any other person he can trust. He started going through a list of white men he thinks he can ask but being scared or uncomfortable. After deliberating for a while he found one by the name of Mr. Falk. He had borrow books for him on many occasion and he seem anti-

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