Water Isolation In Pakistan

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METALS DETERMINATION IN RAWAL LAKE, PAKISTAN Table of Contents METALS DETERMINATION IN RAWAL LAKE, PAKISTAN Qudsia Ashraf, Syedah Zoya Kazmi, Mahrukh Khan, Safia Quddus, Maryem Mehboob and Salma Khan Address: General Laboratory, Department of Environmental Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad Corresponding Author: Maryam Mehboob Email Address: mayabhpfadkf Phone Number: 051-jjfjdfjdkjf Abstract Water covers the 3/4th of the world and has been an interesting and most frequently assessed site for contaminations. Apart from its need as a drinking necessity, it is the system that forms the basis for specie origin on earth. However, the progress and development of the globe has pushed the level of purity of this noble entity to the…show more content…
M, and P.V. Krishna (2014) conducted a study to determine physicochemical parameters in paler reservoir of Khammam district (India). 12 water samples were analyzed on monthly basis in order to assess the variations physicochemical parameters such as pH, water temperature, atmospheric temperature, Dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids, fluorides, nitrates, total hardness, calcium, chlorides, alkalinity and turbidity. Methods used for the measurement of physicochemical parameters were Wrinkler method, Thermometer, Conductivity meter and titratiometery. Values of all parameters were within normal range showing water was good for drinking purposes and thus could be used for irrigation, pisciculture and hydropower…show more content…
Some are naturally highly turbid but human activities have increased the levels of suspended solids in many habitats. The general ISO standard for Drinking water’s Turbidity is 5 NTU is considered unhealthy. As turbidity of Rawal Lake water is less than 5 so it is within the safe limit. High value of turbidity at sites 2 and 5 showed that these sites have more suspended organic matter. High conductivity value at the site 6 expressed that it contains more amount of metal ions and site 3 has low conductivity as compared to other sites. The low EC value recorded at site 3 could be related to the absorption of dissolved salt at the surface of suspended particulates. As far as alkalinity value recorded at site 1 was 205 mg/L and site it shows t at that site pH value high and water easily neutralized the hydrogen ion. Alkalinity value at site 5 was 170mg/L which demonstrated low pH and more acidic condition in that water

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