Nancy Provigil Case Summary

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Identification The main ethical issue in this case study is giving Nancy the spare Provigil tablets that Sara didn’t use. The reason why I believe that this is the main ethical issue because Nancy isn’t on any medication to improve her attention after being diagnosed with ADHD or seen by a doctor who thinks it’s best to prescribe the medication. Nancy is trying to take the easy way out of preparing for the LSAT and just hopes that Provigil will help her through it. Sara was prescribed Provigil to be a little more help and focus while taking these long hour tests. Some other ethical issues that are in this case study is that is it okay to be prescribed a performance enhancing drug to be used for the sole purpose of getting a better score on the LSAT. Another…show more content…
Practicing the LSAT with Nancy not only removes the remorse Sara would have felt from giving the drug away, but also gives her more time to make sure she understands what is on the test. Feeling proud that she stood up and said no for the right cause, but at the same time maybe feeling slight regret not being a good best friend and giving it to Nancy. While on the outside, Sara would not show any phasing to what Nancy asked. But on the inside having to have the question fester and mess with Sara’s mind. Nancy Confident in the fact that she now has a boost to her cognitive performance for the test, not having and regrets that she might get caught at the LSAT testing facility or by carrying an unprescribed drug. Disappointed in the fact that she couldn’t get her hands on Provigil, but is willing to sit down and go over and practice for the LSAT and get some tips from Sara who went through the LSAT prep

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