Something Borrowed Up: A Psychological Analysis

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Throughout the past three weeks of class there has been a lot of thought provoking material presented to us through lecture and the textbook. One thing that stood out to me the most was the use of psychoactive drugs and its effects on sexual arousal. This stood out to me because individuals usually blame alcohol consumption for the reasoning behind risky behaviour. I never knew there was more to it since I typically had one viewpoint on this subject, but now it has extended to other interesting perspectives. I assumed that alcohol was linked to an increase in sexual arousal since that is how it is usually depicted in movies. For instance, in the movie Knocked Up, it illustrated a woman who was intoxicated engaging in sexual intercourse with a man from a nightclub. Also, movies have shown that alcohol can lead to inappropriate behaviour, such as cheating on a spouse. In the movie Something Borrowed, the main character…show more content…
I have noticed that individuals are able to socialize more comfortably with others while intoxicated compared to being sober. This can easily translate into being more acceptable to sexual encounters while consuming alcohol. I have a friend who usually refrains from any type of sexual activity while she is sober. This drastically changes at parties after she has a few drinks since she gets extremely aroused and constantly tries to capture the attention of the opposite sex. I believe that alcohol can make an individual engage in behaviours they normally do not do, but only if they have that expectation behind it. For example, I usually have the expectation of being more talkative after I have had a few drinks. This typically results in me being more outgoing compared to how shy I generally am. This can be related to sexual arousal and alcohol consumption because if someone expects to have a one night stand after a night of heavy drinking, it can actually

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