Cultural Differences Between Europeans And Native Americans

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Europeans and Native Americans were vastly different in near every aspect of life, there is very little similarity. They differ mainly in belief of land ownership and religion (religion being a major aspect of conflict in history) but they also have different views on women and what it means to be free. The Europeans had come over from over the ocean in the late 15th century though their nature was severely invasive to the natives who had occupied the land since their supposed arrival over the Bering Strait straight over 60,000 years ago. When the Europeans came over for gold initially they were disappointed not to find any but soon their main concerns went toward land ownership and how they would take it from the natives they found on their…show more content…
Where Europeans were seeking wealth for themselves and their families in the new world along with ways to improve their economic status, though this brings a slight similarity and difference to the Natives. Natives work together in communities just like Europeans and have leaders within them just like the Europeans but the leaders though they live a bit better than the common tribe members they are more known for giving back to their society to where trade is more over about equal gift giving in native culture. As for Europeans they only worked together out of the means of survival and only gave to those of their kind and religion. The next topic of difference was the gender relations each culture had as women in native tribes engaged in premarital sex and could divorce their husbands as women seem to have more hold in native culture. More proof of this hold is how in most native tribes children become members of a mother's family and not the fathers and due to men being out hunting women controlled the home instead of men. European culture sets the male figure as the center of the family and controlled both his wife and the family’s property, and divorce was severely shamed upon along with women having sex before marriage due to the religious values surrounding European marriage. This difference caused Europeans to start to view natives as inferior savages that are in need of conversion to

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