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Alyss to Alice: The Journey of a Young Girl to Her Rightful Place as Queen. Why do people have a purpose? Everyone has a purpose. Often the path to finding someone’s purpose in life is full of twists and turns. The main character, Alyss had a big purpose in her life to fill. Frank Beddor, the author of The Looking Glass Wars intrigues the reader to learn more about Alyss’s life. In the book he uses suspense to carry the reader through Alyss’s journey to self discovery. In the beginning of the novel, Alyss is characterized as immature, conflicted, and rebellious. She used her childish imagination in immature ways. For example, at one point she was watching the inventors parade and she commented“ It’s pretty good, I suppose, but it’d be…show more content…
She soon changed from an immature seven year old to a powerful young girl. After the attack of Redd, her perspective of life altered. When Redd entered Wonderland, and the queendom heard the bad news “‘Alyss knew that something was happening and none of it good’”(43). During the attack her mother the queen, her father the king, her best friend Dodge’s father, and many Wonderlanders died. Before her mother died, she told Hatter to take Alyss somewhere where she would not be found by Redd’s soldiers. They needed a stable queen for the future and Alyss was the best future for the kingdom. So Hatter took Alyss to the Pool of Tears and leaped into it, but they were separated and were taken two different places. Alyss was taken to London and Hatter to Paris. Hatter put his life, time, and money into jeopardy trying to find Alyss but he just could not. Alyss then met some orphans and they took her in. She began to mature, make her own decisions, and use her imagination to help others rather than her selfish prior self. One day Alyss and her new orphan friend Quigly came up with a plan to get food, her plan consisted of “‘ Alyss dressing in the

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