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This paper sets out and then attempts to examine and explain the contradiction in urbanization in the First and Third Worlds by comparing with the example of Africa and United States. The significance for this research is to propose critiques on the growth model of urbanization in First and Third Worlds, hence suggesting the unsuitability for either growth models to evaluate another. The paper therefore will provide the right and best fit direction for a more sustainable and suitable solution for improving the Third Worlds. An in-depth investigation in datas from the official organization depicting the GDP and growth rates of Africa, literature about the urbanization methods in Africa, and ........ The paper is therefore divided into three…show more content…
Urbanization and industrialization (show graph in the united states during the age of industrialization) Urbanization is always characterized in the trend of people moving from a more set-back or rural backgrounds to a more prosperous and modern location (Arturo 211), and is intimately associated with the economic development (Kingsley 6), and is specialized as modernization of city. Given the general connotation of the urbanization, people always separate First and Third Worlds always with an economic standard, however, the actual context should be traced back to the time of colonization. talk about colonization In the…show more content…
education rate Showing the table for mortality rate in Africa The above discussion about the ...... thus highlights the flaws of ........... in measuring and finding solutions for rapid urbanization in Third Worlds. The .... ignores the social system and geographical environment in the ...... Africa geographical advantage focuses on agricultural work, whereas, the United States had already developed its 完善的 manufacturing system during the time of industrialization, provoked by the urge of creating weapons for colonization. using reference from Regionalisation: Probing the urban landscape of the Great Lakes Region It is impossible for Africa to have a drastic change in economic system from extracting natural resources to provide manufacturing systems in a few years. “African cities have found themselves grossly unprepared in the face of the spatial, demographic, social, economic and environmental challenges associated with urbanization.”There are a few lacking procedures for Africa to catch up and follow the steps of United States’ urbanization. Examined above are the insufficient infrastructure and ........ 1. Therefore, there should be an improvement in This paper

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