Short Summary: The Insurrection Of The Beast

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The Insurrection of the beast It was a dark time indeed.For the heirless king had died, and usurpers came in droves from different places, claiming to be heirs to the throne of the vast and victorious empire of Macedonia. The people of the land were in a melancholic rhythm.Production had come to a complete standstill. Shops and marketplaces were deprived of their usual hustle and bustle and interesting conversation. Everybody stayed at their homes, mourning the death of their good king. That is, all except the beast and the usurpers. One such usurper was Ptolemy.He was a good oracle who could easily motivate anyone to do almost anything. Most of his time was spent plotting and planning of ways to take over the now empty throne. However,…show more content…
The beast readily complied and contact between the two races was made. Upon hearing this , the king said”Finally! Now all our problems would be solved as we have established contact with the great ancients. Send a messenger to RN14 and tell it the sequence of events that have happened up till now. Also , ask it to tell the story to ancients and make it request for a solution.” The ancients, upon hearing the story, secretly sent a command to RN14 to rebel against the king in his weakest moment. The beast refused to obey this. The ancients summoned all important members for a hasty congregation. One member said “ What should we do now? These puny humans have finally managed to bring the beast under their influence. I always felt wary of them and also had advised our leaders not to help humanoid races as they are the most ungrateful.” Another replied “ We help other races survive as our race too , at one point of time , was helped by beings far more ancient than us.Therefore , we , as the most advanced race in the galaxy , are bound to help other nascent races advance throughout the

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