Persuasive Essay On Yoga Asanas

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Most of us scarcely get time to balance our work and life, getting more exhausted day by day. We hardly give a second thought to taking good care of our mind, body and soul until our health suffers a setback now and then. Boost your productivity and improve your efficiency level by signing up for JulieWilcoxMethod, one of the best yoga classes online. Experienced and enthusiastic, Julie Wilcox is an eminent yoga guru with several years of expertise in practising and teaching yoga online. She skilfully combines yoga asanas along with a well-planned out fitness and food regime to help you stay fit and healthy, round the year. Before you start off with the yoga asanas, here are a few things that you should remember: When doing asanas while sitting,…show more content…
Place your palms on your lower back with your fingers pointed down. Focus: Press into your feet, pull up your knee caps, and squeeze your thighs and buttocks. Step 2: Move your hips forward and begin to arch your torso backwards. Focus: Keep looking forward and lower your head backward only if it feels safe. Use your arms to support your weight and keep your legs and buttocks rooted. Step 3: Breathe in and breathe out as you hold for up to 3 to 7 breaths. Step 4: Position your legs, buttocks and arms firmly and strongly while resuming your torso to upright posture. Inhale while resuming the posture. Focus: Let your head and neck be the last to come to the upright posture. Benefits: 1. Relaxes your body muscles, especially in your hip and back 2. Strengthens your respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems Make the most out of best online yoga classes like the JulieWilcoxMethod which offers exclusive yet comprehensive wellness program for corporate employees. Learn a few easy to do yoga asanas that can be done at the comfort of your office cubicle. Make it a daily routine, take a few minutes off from your work at desk and enjoy manifold benefits at the end of every

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