Essay On A Beautiful Woman

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A Concept Paper on the Idea of a Beautiful Woman as Portrayed by Media What is beauty? Most of the time they will say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beautiful is that which pleases universally without a concept (Kant, Critique of Judgment 1790). The author said that you cannot please everyone that you are beautiful, it is different from what you used to say about this because it depends on the people if you are really beautiful and we all know that they have different perspective when it comes to this particular topic or they have different taste who or what is beautiful to them. Media is the Public institutions that report the news, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, collectively; the news media; as the media were obsessed with Monica Lewinsky for Months. (Webster’s 1913, dictionary). The idea is any object apprehended, conceived or thought of, by the mind; a notion, conception, or thought; the real object that is conceived or thought of. Whatsoever the mind perceives in itself, or as the immediate object of perception, thought, or understanding (Locke). They used to it to imagine pretty faces like Barbie, Princesses in Disney and also a pretty woman on the screen. They show the prettiest girls, flawless and with fair skins or for short the almost…show more content…
And it has the negative effect on the people, especially for those who have low self-esteem they feel like they are being judged and compared to those beautiful woman portrayed by the media. The minds of people become perfectionist because of the media, they have big impact when it comes to influencing the idea that they portray, that may lead to follow what they saw and heard on the media and make it a universal truth especially in this generation, teenagers nowadays are conscious in everything, because they are afraid to judge by other people and they want to fit what is the trend
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