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Conscription should not be brought back to Australia. Throughout this essay it will explain why conscription should not be reintroduced. This essay will convince the reader that conscription is coercion, conscription produces lower quality soldiers compared to a volunteer army, conscription will place unattainable pressure on Australians left behind and Australia will face simply too many costs when these men get conscripted. Coercion is defined as the practise of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner. Conscription maybe considered as coercion by the government of the countries citizens. Conscription takes conscripted persons voluntary right to their life away, which is simply inhumane. It should be an individual’s choice…show more content…
The quality of the soldiers will determine if you win or lose. You may have a good game plan but you need great men to execute it. Consider this, there is a man laying next to in the heat of the war with the enemy hammering you with hundreds of bullets per minute. This man has tried everything except to train and learn how to defend the line. Would you want one of these men standing next to you? Conscripted soldiers incline not to want to fight and have the incorrect mindset or physical prowess of a volunteer soldier, which makes them an ineffective fighting force. Having these un-devoted conscripts in the army dilutes the quality of the military therefore makes it weak and incapable. The conscripted personnel who are enlisted against their will, end up with psychological trauma from the pressure of the war. Conscripts can turn to alcohol, drugs or even suicide to ease the pain but slowly more of his group having been around the man start caving in and eventually being killed from not thinking about their actions. Over 280 people in the Vietnam War were killed accidently or wounded by other soldiers of their platoon. Would you prefer to be fighting alongside a trained and focused volunteer who wants to be there rather than a conscript who has no clue how to shoot a gun and you have to constantly look over your shoulder to check he isn’t going to accidently kill you. Even if they changed their mindset and physical prowess, Australia simply doesn’t have the money to pay and train an army of unwilling

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