Tough Decisions In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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When Jonas experienced the true meaning of Release he felt shocked. Release means that they kill babies and Jonas felt pain for the baby. He was disappointed in his father because of the release. In Jonas's community they like sameness and everyone being equal. His community has many rules that are very strict. Such as if a person messes up three time he/she could be released from the community. People can’t call people out because they do something or look a little different. In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas learns to overcome a lot of obstacles in his life by making tough decisions, discovering the power of love, and learning the truth about his community. Jonas learns that making tough decisions is a big part of his life. In his community the people have to take pill in the morning every day to numb their emotions. Jonas had to start taking the pills about the same time he turned Twelve. For example, since Jonas has to start taking the pills he was asking his mother many question and his mother told him that, “It’s just the pills. You’re ready for the pills, that's all. That’s…show more content…
When he took Gabe (the child his dad keeps at Jonas’s house) was going to get Released. Jonas wanted to take him out of the community so he had a better life growing up. Gabe and Jonas went miles and miles by foot through many conditions of weather. For example, Jonas had to walk through snow and ice, “ He was not warmer;if anything, he felt more numb and cold”(Lowry 223). The feeling of cold and numbness is terrible and Jonas has a baby on his back trying to walk up a very steep hill in the snow. Jonas knows what real love is now because taking care of Gabe and taking him out of the community shows him that love is very powerful. Since Jonas learn what real love is, he does not want to ever go back to his old community. Jonas has some very tough decisions he has to make although he left the

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