Sinaloa Cartel Research Paper

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Ever since the Nixon began their war on drugs America has been fighting for their streets and children safe. Whether it’s coming in on flights, crossing the border or through sea illegal drugs are getting in our country and damaging our nation that has been built off of hard work. Multiple drug trafficking organizations (DTO) are preying on people because for no other reason than greed. The Sinaloa Cartel is one the largest and distributes the most inside our borders. The Sinaloa Cartel is a very dangerous and violent cartel. They have fractions in North, Central and South America, and also Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, and New York. Sinaloa isn’t just known for their drug operations, but also for money laundering and organized crime. They are one of the biggest suppliers of illegal drugs into the United States. About half of the estimated 65 billion dollars of drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, and other narcotics that hits the American streets each year through Mexico is supplied by the Sinaloa…show more content…
Imagery can be derived from visual photography, radar sensors, and electro-optics. By using IMINT can I can a better view of the area, see different times of the day or night and see when the DTO is the busiest. This is valuable information because you don’t want to start an operation and not know the surround area. The Sinaloa Cartel distribution houses could be around schools, neighborhoods and high traffic areas. But IMINT is given data that you wouldn’t really expect. With technology upgrades there is probably equipment that look inside the warehouse and give use more of a better view and evidence against

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