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When you walk down Main Street in Disneyland you notice that it’s always clean and that it has a distinct smell. Tourists have been attracted to Disneyland for years because of the first impression the park gives. The way the employees are always smiling and the park is always clean. Everyone dreams of going to Disneyland at least once in their life, whether they are children or adults, Disneyland has something for everyone. That’s why billions of people have visited the park since 1955, and they will continue to do so. There are many reasons why Disneyland has become part of the California dream. And although there are those who would rather not go for many reasons, once they go they being to appreciate it. “There were smiley people enjoying…show more content…
Valerie a student at Fullerton College says that her boyfriend and her bought a Disneyland annual pass this February and since then they have convinced three of their friends and two relatives to purchase a pass as well. “I love going to Disneyland, its my second home, sometimes I just go when I’m bored and want to make time pass.” (Valerie) They go to Disneyland every chance they get sometimes they go just to get on one ride or to eat a pretzel or one of Disneyland’s famous turkey legs. That is the California dream, being able to go to a place where you just forget about regular life and jump into a world of fantasy a place where every visit is different. When you leave Disneyland you leave with a story that only you understood because you chose to get on a certain ride or go to a certain show. Disneyland is a free place everyone has a different experience every time they go. It’s never the same. One day you see a handful of characters and the next you see different ones. In his article Dreams of Disneyland: The Happiest Story World on Earth Brand Kane talks about how everyone goes through a similar thing when they find out they are going to

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