How Did Walt Disney Impact Society

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Have you ever wondered who the voice of mickey mouse was. Walt disney was born on December 5, 1901. When he was young he loved drawing and When he was older he he had gone to a school of arts. Mr Disney’s birthplace was Chicago, Illinois. Walt disneys real name was Walter Elias Disney but most people call him Walt Disney for short. Walt disney was the voice of mickey mouse and his wife was minnie mouse. Mickey Mouse was a big hit when the show was first released. Right at this moment Mickey Mouse is still a big hit from tv shows to the theme mark. Walt disney has impacted society in many different ways. The first park that Walt disney had opened was Disneyland in California.He had imagined of creating another park in Florida. He had made his dreams come to life so he created Disneyworld in florida. There are four different parks in Disney world. The four parks are Magic kingdom,Epcot,Animal kingdom, and Hollywood studios. These parks have all of the latest attractions. from the grand opening to now. The first opening of Disney World was in 1971 by Walt disney brother. Walt Disney couldn't finish the theme park Disney World. He impacted society by creating Walt Disney world for family to come to spend time together in walt disney world. He left a legacy by bringing families closer together.…show more content…
When mickey mouse was introduced a few years later so were other disney characters. Pluto ,Donald,and Goofy were also introduced they were happy to be mickey mouses best friends. Bombe had also join the fun of the gang. They had all become celebrities when they put them in the theaters. Many other characters were created over the time. Walt Disney's parents were proud of him he had followed his dreams.Walt Disney had left an amazing legacy when he created mickey mouse and the

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