Political Correctness In Sports Analysis

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If you were to watch a major sports network every day and every night of the week, you are bound to find some kind of sport to watch. Whether it is the NFL on CBS, the NBA on TNT, the MLB on ESPN, or college football on almost every channel known to man, if it is something you want to see then it is there. But there is a recurring theme here with the sports just listed: sports that draw over thousands and sometimes millions of viewers both on TV and to the stands of stadiums and arenas throughout a season: they are all sports played, with the exception of basketball, by men. Therefore, when women’s sports are aired on these networks or hosted in arenas and stadiums we should be expecting the same thing to happen naturally. However, that is…show more content…
For example, while women’s soccer is experiencing an amazing growth in popularity here in the US, the same cannot be said overseas in countries where the men’s teams are some of the world’s resident soccer powerhouses. In his article “Women’s soccer doesn’t need male approval or political correctness”, Simon Evans writes that “Women’s soccer doesn’t need to guilt-trip people into watching or to cover itself in a veneer of political correctness in order to progress.” (Evans). However if that’s the case, well then, somethings obviously not working with some of these other teams. People who live in countries with excellent men’s soccer teams probably often compare their national soccer teams together and feel that since the women’s team is not as good as the men’s team then there is really no need to go watch them play when they could go see one of the best teams in the world right in their own backyard. When in reality they do not realize what they could be missing out on by not attending women’s games. In his article “Women’s soccer doesn’t need male approval or political correctness”, Simon Evans poses in the question “But have you seen how Japan play?’ Have you checked out the skill of the French team or the precise power and speed of the Germans?” (Evans). This comes across as saying that people do not realize the incredible talent that is playing right under their noses and it is sad to see that this incredible talent is not getting the attention it deserves. But as each Women’s World Cup, and major tournament passes, the rise in women’s soccer continues to grow as more and more women and girls are taking up the game. In one of UEFA’s (the governing body for soccer in Europe) most recent reports on women’s soccer, across its many national associations, shows a fivefold increase over the last 30 years in its 51

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