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Structure of Society Ridicule is generally made use of to laugh men out of virtue and good sense, by attacking everything praiseworthy in human life (Joseph Addison). In The Atlantic article entitled, “That’s Not Funny”, we are exposed to the sensitivity and ignorance of college students based on the lack of teaching. The social and political opinions are offensive due to the diverse audience. Flanagan, an American author and social critic decides to attend an annual convention of the national association for campus activities in Minneapolis. At this convention, she portrays emotions by perpetuating stereotypes and rationally thinking in order to convey her theory that college is not what it used to be. The logic behind the article happens…show more content…
Flanagan address one side and many details with extreme exaggeration in her words for example, the students’ determination to avoid booking any acts that might conceivably hurt the feelings of a classmate was in its way quite admirable. But the flip side of this sensitivity is the savagery with which reputations and even academic careers can be destroyed by a single comment—perhaps thoughtless, perhaps misinterpreted, perhaps (God help you) intended as a joke—that violates the values of the herd. Flanagan neglects to understand how both sides are equally important. Instead of taking one side, she could have easily came up with a solution for both college students and comedians. On the contrary, “Fundamental Truths” of free speech happens to be the real counter claim of this article. The question is not, why are college students so sensitive and compassionate towards others. The question is why can’t comedians do away with immutable truths and go for fundamental truths. Particular subjects such as Race, Homosexuality, and Rape are critical topics that should not be festered with in a joking sense. Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship. Although, you are free to say whatever you please. People still are sensitive, therefor you have to watch what you…show more content…
“We don’t want to sponsor an event that would offend anyone,” Courtney Bennett, the incoming president of the student activities board at Western Michigan University, told me. According to this article, I feel the belief that everyone seeks a desire to create a campus environment that’s safe for people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and gender and sexual identities. Flanagan says she has seen “the infantalization of the American undergraduate.” Young people these days are “less a student than a consumer, someone whose whims and affectations must be constantly supported and championed.” In order for a comedian to be successful she says that they must be able to entice the audience, but at the same time not offend them. The article trots out all the familiar arguments about today's students. College students represent creativity and free

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