Gender Roles In Advertising

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Media affect our perspective to life and humans. The main base of media is the advertisements we see all around us. Advertisements are the first step to build our concepts of genders. I argued that there is a sexist perspective in the advertisements by using a specific type of advertisement, the perfume advertisements. And I will try to answer how does the sexism used in the perfume advertisements. Sheehan, K. (2014). Gender and Advertising: How Gender Shapes Meaning. In Controversies in Contemporary Advertising (Second ed., pp. 89-110). SAGE Publications. In this chapter of the book, Sheehan argued about gender roles in advertisements. She mentions that since the birth, two genders have two different roles that are given from the society and this is the same in advertising. She argues that cultural roles affect the roles that are given to females in advertisements. She states that the advertisements could differ based on cultural differences, the perception of beauty and the time the advertisement is broadcast. Generally, advertisements are based on the beauty conception…show more content…
They benefited from male, female and general audience based web pages to investigate their 8 categories of stereotyping arguments. The result of the research shows that in more than half of the advertising women are stereotyped to be “concerned with physical attractiveness or as a sex object” (p.106). The research also mentions that female-based audience web pages tend to discriminate more even though general and male web pages also have stereotyped components they also contain some advertisements that women is portrayed as “non-traditional” (p. 109). The study demonstrates that sexism is a commonly used technique in the advertisements and gives some suggestion to reduce the sexist perspective in the

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