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Should America have one official language, English? Those that are pro the idea of an "English Only" country say that America would be better off functioning employing the use of a single language. The differing opinion is that America should continue to be a multilingual country, free of one official language, because America is made up of a staggering variety of nationalities. Upon my first look at Hayakawa’s Bilingualism in America: English Should Be the Official Language, I must admit, I found the author’s passion to be kind of intimidating. Nonetheless, I went into the article with an open mind and developed a real understanding for his point of view as it progressed; to an extent I could see how many may agree with him, language has…show more content…
If being an American still means anything unique, we should be able to enjoy our linguistic diversity, rather than be threatened by it. What is an American? There is no exact definition of what is an American because an American is free. If America was founded on the foundation of freedom then how can America be based solely in English? There’s a saying that goes, "If everyone is doing the same thing, then no one is thinking for themselves." If every American is obligated to speak one language, then the idea of diversity that this nation was founded upon may disappear. Today America is still a country of immigrants; America is "The Melting Pot" turned “Salad Bowl”. Immigrants do not share the same language, race, religion, ethnicity nor plenty of other characteristics. Language is a symbol, an icon. We can’t take a native language away, because it is a part of every immigrant's history; it is a part of every immigrant. At the same time, we shouldn’t let the standards of English suffer at its apparent recent subsequence. The government can try to force the ideals of a common language onto its citizens, but even then there’s no guarantee to its acquired

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