Prosthetic Limbs In The Human Body

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The human body is made up many different systems like the respiratory system and the digestive system or the skeletal system. The skeletal system is the system that really allows us not to be a puddle of organs and skin on the floor and the skeleton protect they also shape, support and move our bodies. Yet the skeleton does not move by itself other elements move it and those elements are things like muscles and tendons those things are part of the musculoskeletal system muscles work in pairs these pairs are called antagonistic pairs. An example of an antagonistic pair are the two muscles biceps and triceps. When a bicep contracts and the triceps relaxes the two bones that are joined in our fore arm (radius and ulna) but if our triceps contracts…show more content…
Prosthetic limbs have an old history that is referred in ancient literature in stories and in poems. A very ancient example is of a roman general called Marcus Sergius who was battling in the second Punic war but sadly lost his right arm but then it was replaced by a hand made iron hand so that he can carry his shield and return to battle. In they year 2000 researchers in Cairo, Egypt uncovered what was believe to be the oldest documented artificial body part that belonged to a mummified Egyptian noble woman that lived 3000 years ago. Since every amputation is unique the prosthetic limb has to be custom made for the patient this task is for a prosthetics his job is fabrication and fitting of the prosthetic limb. Prosthetists have a variety of skill in engineering anatomy and physiology. Researchers are trying to develop better ways to design the prosthetic limbs by using new materials and new concepts of designing the joints so that the prosthetics user can be as mobile as possible and as comfortable while doing their daily life routines. Prosthetic research ae doing their best to fit the patients they are also developing limbs with new joint technology they are developing limbs so that they…show more content…
Currently attitudes are changing because of the movements to define political correctness and acceptance of all people. This is important because lower-limb amputations cover 91.7 percent of amputation surgeries. Organizations like the Veterans Administration and the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association push for better research and financial aid to amputees. The Department of Veterans Affairs spent 168 million dollars to purchase 8,058 prosthetic legs and 86, 945 wheelchairs, scooters, and accessories in 2007. The War on Terrorism has resulted in 737 soldiers that have lost limbs, all who have been provided with prosthetic fitting and care for life. According to the VA, America’s veterans receive the best care in the world. Also, they claim that a prescription written by a VA doctor makes “any prosthetic device in the marketplace available to a veteran. The increased government involvement and funding for prosthetic devices greatly impacts the veterans who are able to return to an independent life after fighting for their country and society’s perception of amputees. Technology is advancing rapidly the main advancement over the years are the materials because 20 years ago the dominant

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