Entrepreneurship In Black Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship has been a great way for communities to flourish. Everywhere that you look, whether you’re going for a walk or just taking a road trip when you look around, you see businesses that revolve around social, cultural, environmental, or economic products or services. They provide essential supplies or services that we need in our society. People can have impacts on their communities, on their family/friends, and their ethnicity when they promote self-owned businesses. Entrepreneurship in black communities is essential, and it’s our responsibility to teach and show each other that when you have dreams, you can achieve them. The early Black entrepreneurs were freed slaves functioning in personal services and trades that Whites perceived…show more content…
Catering was an accessible route to Black business ownership. In the northern cities, Black caterers’ reputation for good food and excellent service put them in high demand by affluent Whites. Within the African-American community, business ownership is crucial. It teaches us valuable skills such as responsibility, communication, and time management/organization. It gives us the ability to formulate ideas based on logical reasoning and displays a sense of independence as well. It showcases our talents and intelligence. It showcases our strength. It showcases our power which in turn shows future generations that they can make it in life. Numerous factors in today's society contribute to the lack of black business ownership and entrepreneurial growth in our communities. These factors include language barriers, discrimination, vulnerability, isolation, lack of information and trust in public support services, limited business, management/marketing skills, and challenging access to finance. Creating a business environment conducive to entrepreneurship and enterprise creation requires a broad range of reinforcing and supportive policies.…show more content…
This business combines all aspects of the four issues mentioned previously. To improve the social issues, I would encourage my employees and customers to not only look at the displays but to take part in interactive activities that will promote social growth. To incorporate cultural issues, I would create each aspect of the museum specifically to convey a period in the history of African-American entrepreneurship and the future of African – American enterprise where inventions, products, or services will be displayed. To improve environmental issues, I would power the museum using solar energy rather than electrical. To promote conservative issues, the entry into the museum is free, and instead of spending a varied range of money on digital scrapbooks or books in general that discusses our heritage, everyone can download every division of the museum. Each aspect of the museum will be different every day with new displays, new activities, and most importantly new experiences. When we come together as one, anything can happen. We deepen our roots and strengthen not only our growth as a community but also as

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