Police Misconduct Literature Review

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Understanding Police Misconduct Introduction The police of America have always served to protect and serve the public masses while maintaining law and order throughout the country. Each jurisdiction has its own quirks and means of handling things but for the most part they all follow the rules imposed by the government. That being said, it has come to the attention of the public that not all officers follow the rules and do things their own way. As such there is a need for more research to be conducted on these deviant officers as to pinpoint who they are demographically, how the come to be, and how they are dealt with within their institution. Literature Review The literature used for this subject is closely related to one another with key differences between each different articles approach. They all address the concept of police corruption and deviance in general, but take different stances on the cause of it and how it’s fundamentally generated within a flawed system. The articles to follow provide insight on the previous methods used in addressing this matter. The Effect of Sanctions on Police Misconduct by Christopher Harris and Robert E. Worden investigates the repercussions of sanctions on police misconduct. By conducting research through three…show more content…
They are supposed to possess a moral code that is righteous in nature and maintains only good intentions. They aren’t supposed to take small gifts from the populace as it increases the chances that small forms of corruption will take root and bloom into something that’s beyond their control. Leadership within the policing environment plays a crucial role in keeping the subordinates on the straight and narrow as they should lead by example. However, the officers, themselves, must truly represent the ideals that the agency believes in to keep corruption at a

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