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SECTION 2: SEGMENTATION, TARGETING & POSITIONING From the research on section 1, we can proceed with our Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning for a specific target consumer market. Segmentation i. Geographic Segmentation We require a strategic location where customer to come over for meals (Dibb and Simkin, 1996). We shall focus more on urban area with Residential and Office area. We shall start our own delivery services and improve our drive through system. ii. Demographic Segmentation Our demographic segmentation consists of a wide variety of bases for subdividing markets (Dibb and Simkin, 1996) as below table: A&W are always a place for family and celebrations, we will be looking at the market for working adults, children, teenager…show more content…
As per table 3 description of ACORN system, we can conclude area such as Petaling Jaya will bring us future with resident of multi-racial, family housing with intermediate status and above. iii. Behavioural Segmentation As per A&W Petaling Jaya outlet, we may conclude that most of the customer are loyal customer with emotional attached. Regardless of the customer lifestyle, family status or individual income, they will recognized A&W Petaling Jaya outlet is where they celebrate their birthday as a child, the place to hang out during studies and favourite family time place (Tan and Nair, 2014). Targeting Based on the Segmentation analysis, the core segment with rich history and proven record are Geographic segmentation with ACORN analysis for a sustainable and profitable A&W outlet (Mateos and Webber, 2006). Residential are that match with our analysis are mostly locate at urban area. Example of location we are looking at are Puchong, Cheras, Ipoh, Melacca, Kuantan and Johor Bahru.…show more content…
Changing the packaging and menu will give a fresh look to our customer as a first step. Pricing and promotion items will complete our marketing positioning among the fast-food chain market as we will invite more customer to our A&W outlet and having them come again. The closest competitor under the same market is McDonald as they are selling burgers and fries which attract children, teenager and working adults. Below diagram 1 shown the position between us and McDonald. By looking at Diagram 1, it clearly shown A&W are having advantage on Beverage and Party Celebration as we having our signature beverage Root Beer we have a section where only open to customer who are having celebration where our mascot Rooty will arrive too (A&W Malaysia, 2013). However, A&W falls behind on the popularity, location, the food product, pricing and children playground area. This area is where we need to improve and upgrade by advertising to create awareness, having more strategic outlet and innovate our current food product with profitable and acceptable pricing. SECTION 3: MARKETING PERFORMANCE TARGET After closing all our unprofitable outlet, we manage to obtain the first profit year after 10 consecutive years. Right now, we will be forecasting our next 5 years performance with our revenue

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