Examples Of Exploitation In Animal Farm

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Exploitation is a method used to ensure that events will turn out in their favour; some examples are seen in obtaining luxuries, ridding of unwanted opposition and the hunger for more power. When the pigs come into power the animals questioned as to why the pigs were allowed greater rations, the rebuttal was that they are the sole element in keeping the farm alive; they are the brain of the operation. Squealer once again threatens that Jones will return if they do not comply; this line alone is the force that he keeps using to push the animals into a corner. This is because they are afraid of the dominating rule he once had over them, they had just escaped from his tyranny and will do anything to keep him from returning. However, when snowball…show more content…
The pigs continuously use the idea of Jones returning to keep the fear instilled in all of the animals. But their patriotism and own lack of knowledge further opens them up to vulnerability. At the beginning of their new life after the revolution, all of the animals are given the chance to learn how to read but they fail. By being illiterate the animals open themselves up to vulnerability, even though it is not obvious. We talked earlier about how the commandments were changed to pervert the truth when the pigs broke them; this illiteracy not only shows lack of knowledge but allows them to be manipulated. In a sense they are blind because of this, and the blindness forces them to rely and hold onto the hands of the pigs; essentially the animals have no choice but to follow the pigs because they cannot see any other options. Patriotism can be a wonderful thing for a nation; it can create strong bonds and enable the society to rise as a whole. But the patriotism becomes blindsided; it is initially created with good intentions, freedom of oppression from Farmer Jones. But even when the system collapses Boxer continues to work to the point of death because he believes Napoleon will give him freedom. Their patriotism is not just because of trust, but habit. After numerous years they only have one person to look to; the
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