On The Sidewalk Bleeding Andy

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This essay will be based on the short text “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter. One of the main ideas in the text I found interesting is based on the theme Identity. The protagonist Andy experiences many emotions dealing with who he really wanted to be. My 3 aspects I will be supporting my theme is identity and idea is on the choices, goals and dreams and consequences of Andy’s identity. In the short text it showcases a young teenage boy named Andy who turns up to his girlfriend Laura dance performance wearing his silk purple gang jacket reading “The Royals”. As Andy leaves the jump to buy cigarettes he is followed by the opposing gang “The Guardians” who then surprisingly stabs him in a dark alley leaving him to die. People walk through the alley and some were totally unaware of him while others noticed his gang jacket and in fear decide not to help. He is later discovered by his girlfriend. Later is finally found by his…show more content…
In the beginning of the story Andy chooses to identify himself as a Royal by wearing his Royals jacket to the Jump. Once joining the gang and being accepted, Andy probably felt some sort of belonging which is why he could’ve worn his jacket to the jump. In his relationship with Laura, Andy chose to identify himself as Laura’s boyfriend, Andy. Skip towards the end when he is dying he wants to be identified as Andy/himself “I’m Andy”. When the protagonist of the story has time to think about the person he really wanted to be, he came to the decision that being he was enough. In today’s society with social media we tend to compare ourselves with one another, which makes it hard for us to find the real us when people are constantly judging and influencing your choice of identity. Finding who you are as a person can be really hard but if you stay true and understand that people will continue to judge you, you will find peace

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