Animal Farm Satire Essay

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The primary purpose behind satire as a text type is not only to entertain, but also to challenge the audience to think more deeply about the issues of society in the world, and one can reference George Orwell’s novel ‘ Animal Farm’ and the satirical cartoon presented below as examples of this powerful, mind-captivating genre. Orwell’s satirical novel, ‘Animal Farm’ is a compelling example of this satirical genre. As the story takes place in Manor Farm, originally owned by Mr Jones, but soon rebranded, Animal Farm, the novel aims to satirise the ideologies of communism and the flaws that ultimately leads to the downfall of such regimes. The setting of the farm in the novel is a metaphor for the Communist Russia regime under Stalin. Orwell,…show more content…
The pigs to create the windmill, similarly to how the Russian government led by Stalin continually tried to industrialise the country, exploited the working class, represented most prominently by Boxer. Additionally, the hens, previously promised that they would never again be required to lay eggs for others, were starved into submission to further line the bulging pockets of the pigs. Privileges and luxuries were reserved for the pigs and dogs, who maintained their reign through terrorising the other animals and propaganda from Squealer, just as the Russian government maintained power through their secret police and indoctrination of the masses. Ultimately, the pugs became identical to what the other humans were like; to the animals, “it was impossible to say which was which”. The revolution at Animal Farm ended similarly to the revolution in Russia; the ideals preached by men like Marx ultimately failed and the revolution merely instated a newer, more corrupt government. This is a rather dark comment made by Orwell, challenging Marx’s utopic ideals and depicting the inevitability both inequality and a government that would endlessly seek to profit from those working under their

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