The Great Gatsby Decline Of The American Dream

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The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald is a novel of unrequited love between a man named Gatsby and a woman named Daisy. The theme of the decline of the American dream is very important in F.Scott Fitzgerald’s novel because it connects to all the major events in the novel. While reading this novel the reader can interpret the intended audience to young adults who are about to enter adulthood due to the theme. Which can also be said for the purpose of this work of literature. The reader can find that Fitzgerald’s purpose of writing this novel is to educate and enlighten younger generations of the world in order for them to avoid the same mistakes and tragedies that occurred in this novel. “I hope that she’ll be a fool- that’s the best a girl can be in this world”…show more content…
The authors use of this quote in itself is ironic, Daisy makes this statement in the first chapter as she explains to Nick and Jordan her hopes and dreams for her infant daughter, Daisy herself is not a fool but a creation of a social environment, where everyone is chasing after wealth and pleasure in which they’ve lost the true purpose of the American Dream, in which Fitzgerald, claims to be finding adventure and happiness as well as prosperity, but Daisy believes that the smartest thing for her daughter to be is clueless and stupid, in order to be happy in the environment that she’ll be living in. Which goes to show the authors brilliant technique of using irony as one of his literary components in comprising his brilliant
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