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The Original Budweiser Commercial ran in 1967 and featured the Clydesdale horses pulling a cart to the jingle, “Here Comes the King”. The commercial was simple and the tune was catchy, naming Budweiser as the King of Beer. Advertising has changed in the last few decades. They used to be filled with text and vocal cues to buy the product. In more recent years, companies have started to rely less on that and more on emotional appeal and brief, bite-sized chunks of information. During this year’s Super Bowl, Budweiser ran a commercial they dubbed “Lost Dog”. It opens up with a man working on his Clydesdale farm while his new puppy explores. The puppy ends up lost, much to the distress of the owner and horses, and has to find his way home. A wolf ambushes him right outside the farm. The Clydesdales, sensing the danger, race out to save him and escort him home. They have a happy reunion in the barn while the owner drinks a bottle of Budweiser. The end of the commercial shows their logo on a red background with #BestBuds and reminds you to drink responsibly. The song 500 miles is playing from start to finish, with its tone flowing…show more content…
The hashtag has replaced websites, e-mails, and phone numbers in many cases when it comes to advertising. It’s part of what tells us who their target audience is. Budweiser created a twitter account named Budweiser Puppy and tweeted from the perspective of the puppy temporarily in 2014. The #BestBuds hashtag was used by some fans of the commercials who were sending pictures of their own dogs to the account. This hashtag has a double meaning. Bud can refer to the beer, but it implies that Budweiser is more than just a beer; it creates friendships. In the commercial, the friendship the animals share saves the puppy’s life. It wants you to drink with your friends and reminds you to look out for each other while you do so to stay

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