Original Budweiser Target Audience

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Advertising in today’s society is relentlessly influencing consumers to act upon a particular product or idea. There is a constant barrage of marketing and advertising exposed by the different media such as television, radio, social media and print publications all of which never conclude. Advertising is designed to shape and influence the perceptions of the public. An effective advertisement will draw the attention of the viewer and spark an immediate interest. For an advertisement to be effective there also must be a desire for the intended audience to want to take action and purchase the product or accept the idea. How factors that influence the impact and relevance of advertisements are used will determine the successfulness. The language both auditory…show more content…
Product placement is another factor in advertising which needs to be highly regarded in order for the viewer to recall or recognise the product. The use of bright colours and appealing animals will attract a young audience and the use of emotions will appeal to an older audience. Humour can appeal to both young and old, but is more suited to an older target audience as it may not be understood by young children. As previously mentioned, the song also plays an important role in an advertisement, each a different effect to entice different age groups or sorts of people. The relationship between the product and target audience is more noticeable in the Original Budweiser commercial and is directed towards beer drinkers, although the use of animals and entertaining music appeals to a larger audience as well. The Budweiser advertisements have continued to attract larger audiences while still retaining the target audience’s attention. Similar to the Original Budweiser advertisement the use of animals attracts a younger audience as well as old, however the emotional heart-warming feature of the Puppy Love advertisement appeals more to an older

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