Examples Of Cultural War In Canada

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There is a subtle cultural war in Canada. In short, a cultural war has a simple definition: it is a strong conflict of opinions in areas that are sensitive in a society. That is between two or more sides with marked differences. The First Nations of Canada and its relationship the government as well with it turbulent history. Through the history our civilization, there has always been some kind of conflict. Be it land or riches, by which we seem to be in a constant conflict. History has taught us that even in the rise of civilization. We seem to bear malice towards groups that are different from ours. This cultural war can bet very subtle or can be turned into a bloodbath. In modern times by its very essence, a cultural war becomes a big public controversy and turns into an issue that is repeatedly treated in the media, academic and intellectual communities. For instance, the Harper government has waged a cultural war against First Nation people. In his time in office, the Harper government…show more content…
This is where children would be kidnaped and force to forget where they come from. Not only where the taken by force, but also compel to only speak English. This is to say that what the kidnappers were doing was legal because they had the support of the government. This entire new generation was traumatized and violated from their human rights. Therefore, we can be said the Canadian government has an ongoing cultural war with its own indigenous people. In another example of complete disregard for the people of Canada, the Harper government did not take action with the missing and or murder women of aboriginal descent. Rendering to about 1,017 female identified as Indigenous murdered between 1980 and 2012; a homicide rate roughly 4.5 times higher than that of all other women in Canada. In addition to reports saying that more than 100 go missing in a frame of two

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