Cultural Diversity In Canada

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The Oxford dixonary states that Diverse, is showing a great deal of Variety; very different. Reading this, the definition of diverse is the variety of different things. Diversity is the different types, different forms and is the different people who are from different races, cultures who have come together to form a group or an organization. To have a better understanding as to what makes canada so diverse, we must first look at the topic where diversity(has a lot of information about idk) goes underneath. Population. Population Canada is well known as the nation that welcomes newcomers. They encourage that those who come from ethnic backgrounds should retain their cultural heritage, while respecting the difference with one another's cultures.…show more content…
There are many different natural resources found all across canada. Each province has a different resource to manage. For example, in B.C they mostly manage with fishing because they are close to the ocean and also have a great amount of salmon. Alberta has oil mining. They have conventional oil fields that come naturally without it even being processed. Canada has much agriculture. Different places have different products to manage. Saskatchewan produces wheat and Ontario produces dairy. There are five industries in our economy. Primary is when natural resources are being extracted from directly from earth or sea. (mining oil drilling etc)Secondary is when process and manufacture raw materials. (clothing manufacturers, bakeries)Tertiary is providing essential services and support to allow all the other levels of industrys to function (transportation)Quaternary is those that create and transfer information, including research and training. (research for medicine) And quinary is those who control industry and government design process. (policies, laws)Most people are employed in the tertiary industry. 78% of canadians are employed in the service industry. With industries, canada makes money from all the products that are being sold with the resource that they are specialized…show more content…
Which is a location or an island that is easily defended. Vancouver is a junction because they have a number of routes that meet at a mountain pass or a river crossing. Sudbury is recourced base which is an area with valuable resource such as minerals, or forestry. Toronto has port facilities, which is a deep harbour in a sheltered bay. In canada there are 33 CMAs. A CMA is a city that has a population of 100,000 or more people. The top three CMAs in Canada are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Most immigrants who move to Canada, like to live in cities, because they feel it's more comfortable to be close with people who speak the same language as them, and be around businesses or stores that have something that they can recognize. Toronto is a great example for this because they are have many ethnic neighborhoods like chinatown, little italy, greektown and many

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