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The influence of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes Canada a more inclusive society by protecting the rights of people living in and citizens of Canada. Before the Charter was created, the Bill of Rights was enacted and still is today. However, little was done about unfair laws that were passed down by the government. There was not any protection for minority rights or fundamental freedoms. Going back as far as one hundred years ago, humankind has seen many events of racism and discrimination towards the people of Canada in our history. Think about the difference that the Charter would have made to pre-Charter events in our history. For example: 1884 - Indian Act outlaws cultural and religious ceremonies, like potlatches…show more content…
Citizens of Canada have seen a change in women’s reproductive rights. Abortions were “legal in Canada since 1988”(Schwartz), and were frowned upon by society.The recognition of the LGBT community has increased and is more accepted in throughout the country. From Vriend, decisions on pensions and the marital rights of same-sex cohabiters, followed by a reference to the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage and the constitutionality of the Civil Marriage Act extended rights and recognition to the LGBT community(Schwartz). People can now feel comfortable with their sexual orientation and should not be discriminated because of it. Aboriginals are now receiving more recognition of the suffering that they have had to endure and have more say in when it comes to new laws. “The charter has imposed on governments a duty to consult aboriginal peoples when resource development and other government changes affect them unduly”(Schwartz). Aboriginals are allowed to teach their culture to the new generation and to make people aware of the pain they went through with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Many other specific groups have received recognition and protection of their rights thanks to the

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