At The Dark End Of The Street Analysis

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Aubree Green Dr. Brooks His 214 November 4, 2015 The Abuse of Black Women and Gaining Justice for Them In Danielle McGuire's book, At the Dark End of the Street, the struggles of the abuse upon black women and their determination to gain justice is heavily represented throughout the book. In the start of the novel the gang rape of Recy Taylor by six white men in Abbeville, Alabama in 1944 is an incident that is heart breaking, but highly important in understanding the one the causes for the beginning of the civil rights movement of the twentieth century. The existence of sexual abuse and its effects on black women only occupy a minor part of documented accounts during the civil rights movement. McGuire brings light to this neglected issue as she aids the cries, fears, battle and successes of formerly unknown women who fought to reclaim their bodies and dignity.…show more content…
When they finished, someone helped her get dressed, tied a handkerchief over her eyes, and shoved her back into thee car” (McGuire xvii), and continues with other accounts of black women being raped and molested by white suppressors. Often black women were dehumanized in their everyday activities such as being threatened for not giving up their seat to a white person, Elle Ree Jones’ story is discussed as she was assaulted by the Montgomery county police officers “The officers lunged and pulled the student out of her seat and down the back steps, scattering her school supplies. They grabbed her arms, twisted them until she screamed, and pushed her toward the waiting police car” (McGuire 49). McGuire continues into Rosa Parks’ investigation of the Recy Taylor
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